An award-winning film that focuses on themes of toxic masculinity.

Pressure Play Film

Toronto, Canada.

The Director

The Film

Eric Bizzarri is an award winning filmmaker based in Toronto, with experience in both directing and producing, as well as writing his own content. Eric is a detail-oriented creative, passionate about making meaningful and timely pieces surrounding challenging topics like toxic masculinity, male-male abuse and sexual harassment. He has a strong background in marketing and film festival operations.

Pressure Play focuses on themes of toxic masculinity, specifically the way that many young male adults find themselves under pressure to “be” or “act” a certain way in order to be considered a man. This happens everywhere, constantly, and affects almost everyone.


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Pressure Play is a huge inspiration to Lomaga and Bizzarri because of its ultimate message.

Our Director of Photography (Julian Lomaga) pursued collegiate baseball in the United States at Louisiana State University of Alexandria. While being part of the sports atmosphere and lifestyle in Canada and the USA, he has experienced instances of a disproportionate, negative attitude within sports. 

This relation of film and sports fuels Lomaga’s cinematography and has brought to light Lomaga’s truth that within practicing, while doing what you enjoy and love on a daily basis, one must tune out any damaging negativity. Pressure Play is a huge inspiration to Lomaga and Bizzarri because of its ultimate message, tuning out an audience that is telling you otherwise and following your heart to do what you enjoy and strive to do best.

Pressure Play is showing on Apple TV+ and screened at the Canadian Film Festival 2020.