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Have you ever reached out to customer support and felt like they either couldn’t help you, or didn’t know how to answer your questions? We have, and we hate it. We make sure that doesn’t happen for your business, ever. Instead of hiring, and training, and wasting your time with new employees, deal with our team. We have trained professionals that will handle the customer support for your business. That’s what they do, and they’re darn good at it.

Level 1 Chat – Web Support Guidelines:
  • Monday-Friday for 5 hours a day or a total of 200 interactions a month we manage all the chat customer service for your website.

  • Level 1 covers: answering questions and guiding the customer to a page or item on your website/social. It includes providing information such as e-mails or phone numbers of your business’ escalated customer support and helping the customer navigate a pre-established process such as check-out, shipping, and etc…

  • This service works for WordPress & Shopify Websites.
  • Every client gets an “Account Manager” that will work with you to schedule dates, times, and anything that has to do with your account. Your go-to-person.
  • If you have questions, would like to add other packages, or need a more customized version of this package, please speak to your account manager or e-mail us before purchasing.

Level 1

You get Everything listed above in the "Level 1 Guidelines" I this package.


Level 2

This package is for companies that need more out of this package. Completely Custom.